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We are here for all your automotive hail repair needs!

We are proud to offer professional services that suit your needs.  Through our past experiences, we have some knowledge of your industry,  but are definitely here to listen and fulfill your specific needs and requirements.  Our mobile team is here to service you at your location during any hail catastrophe!   Below are the fields we are equipped to service at this time.

Body Shop Services

Partnering up with reputable Body Shop and Collision centers on a hail catastrophe is our speciality.  We work with you on estimations, supplements, repairs and promotions.  Over the years, PDR companies and bodyshops have formed an alliance to expedite hail repairs. We welcome these joint ventures and will provide you with top quality repairs and customer service! 

Fleet Services

 We provide hail repair services to your Fleet effected by the storm.  Other services include: Hail inspections, estimates, claim assistance and rapid on-site repairs.  This process can be difficult, so we are happy to help you navigate this process. Texas Hail Co. will work with you from start to finish to get your fleet repaired properly and back in shape! 

Local P.D.R. Company Support

Your running your business, taking care of your customers and the technicians are servicing their routes....then hail strikes!!!  This is where we're here to help!  Texas Hail Co will partner with you to resolve the influx of auto hail claims by incorporating our professional hail technicians, so your focus can remain on your customers daily needs.  

Here's what our customers are saying!


We worked with Ty and his crew last hail season and I couldn't have been happier with the partnership we established. Looking forward to working together on the next hail storm here in Amarillo! 

Gus Lomas II

Owner,  Star Truck and Auto

When we had a storm here in town I relied on Texas Hail Co. to help my shop through the hail storm. We were extremely satisfied with the quality of work and professionalism their technicians provided. I'll be calling Texas Hail Co. again! 

Larry Ward

Owner,  L&D Collision

I have worked with Chris and his team over the past 15 years, and have always been impressed with the quality and professionalism within all aspects of their business!  We reach out to them to partner with when hail hits Houston.

Todd Dryer

Owner,  Dent Perfection

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