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Your Auto Hail Damage Repair Professionals!

Who are these guys?   Well, we believe that listening to the customer and friendliness is a good start, but expert craftsmanship, professionalism and honesty are what it takes to get the job done!  That's what sets us apart from the other guys!   While creating our company, we ask ourselves.... What has been missing in our industry?  It seems that everyone in our business makes promises or statements that they can't live up to.  Also many, take no pride in their work or attention to details.  Our goals are are always to meet the expectations we have set for ourselves and exceeded yours!!   Welcome to our team!

Our Team

Please meet our team!  We're working hard to earn your business!!!

Christopher Mears

Vice President

With over 28 years within the PDR / Hail industry,  Chris has the knowledge, experience and professionalism you expect in a partner for all your Auto Hail Catastrophe needs. His experience in all aspects of the business proves him well at managing the team at Texas Hail Co!

Maria T. Mears

Office Manager

Maria, or "Tere" as we know her as, is truly invaluable at keeping all the guys in line!  Armed with a business degree and many years of managing, we are lucky to have her at Texas Hail Co.   In her free time, she is a Hot Yoga Instructor and Yoga Teacher Trainer

 for kids!!

Ty Kilpatrick

Sales & Marketing Manager

Sales, Sales, Sales!! Ty has been selling since he could talk!!   He has worked for an array business and industries from CBS Radio to HD Supply.  Although new to the hail industry, Ty's familiarity with the PDR industry and his professionalism are huge assets!  Golf anyone?

Damon LaRue

Master 5 Star Technician

From starting out as a R&I technician over 25 years ago, to obtaining the highest level of achievement, Damon has just about done it all!  His experience includes fleet/rental cars, auto auctions, commercial and retail hail. He's a welcome addition to the team!

Steve Davis

Master 5 Star Technician

Steve has been a loyal fellow technician to our team for over 15 years and we were happy to have him as a lead technician for Texas Hail Co.  Steve has proven his skills in several aspects of the industry including..... Auctions, Rentals, Retail, Dealerships and of course Hail! 

Weston Julian

Master Hail  Technician 

Weston has extensive experience throughout the world performing high quality repairs for Manufactures and retail clients as well and we are happy to add him to the Texas Hail Co. team in 2021!

Joseph l. Coker

Master Hail Technician 

Joesph has mastered his craft with of over 19 years experience as a hail technician.  He has repaired cars for Auto Manufactures, many bodyshop groups, Dealerships, as well as many of the largest PDR Companies in the U.S. Welcome to the team Joseph!

Jeremy Compton

Master Hail Technician

Jeremy has been a welcome addition to our team since 2020.  We have worked with Jeremy in the field since 2015 and are happy to have him on board as we grow in Texas!

Clif Lewis

Senior Hail Technician

Clif has been in the PDR industry for more than 25 years and specializes in Auto Hail Repair, "Mule Kicks" and is all around great Texan that's willing to help anyone!   Working throughout Texas,  Clif has perfected his skills in the art of PDR and we are excited to have him on our team!

Colin Mears

R&I & Hail Technician

Colin recently Certified in 2020 as a Hail Technician.  Having completed his training and apprenticeship.  We are excited to see his skills keep improving. Because of his attention to detail & mechanical skill, Colin became the leader of the R&I Division in 2021!

The Hail Team

The Auto Hail Repair Team

Well, over the years through our extensive network and travel, we have assembled one of the finest group of auto hail repair technicians  in the world!  We look forward to working with you to solve the hail catastrophe damage that effects your market!!

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