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Howdy ya'll,   Welcome to our Auto Hail Repair Company from Texas!!   Thank you for visiting our site!!  We are proud of where we come from and what we do!   All of us here at Texas Hail Co. hope to get to know you soon!   This is just a place for us to get acquainted with each other and do some business together in the near future!   Please reach out to any of us to learn more about the company or stop by and say "Hi" when we're in your town!!

What is Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)?

Paintless dent removal is the process by which small dings, dents, creases and hail damage are removed without bodywork or repainting.  The severity of damage that can be repaired correctly depends on the technician's training and experience.  Here at Texas Hail Co we are fortunate to have some of the best and most experienced technicians around.

What we do at Texas Hail Co?

Inspection and Estimating Services

Not sure if you have damage from the last storm?  Well, we would be happy to inspect your vehicles and provide a free estimate if any damage exists.  All estimates are based on our industry accepted matrix that uses size, location and the quantity of dents on each effected panel.  There are also specific variances based on the type of material, accessibility and vehicle type.

Bodyshop PDR Hail Services

During large hail catastrophes, we partner with bodyshops to work hand and hand getting the job done!   We can place one of our quality hail technicians directly in your shop to work with you on each claim.  In the event of a catastrophe, our team can be ready in 24 hours to begin estimates and repairs.  Contact us for quality PDR services on hail damaged vehicles at your collision center.

Fleet and Commercial Repairs

The team at Texas Hail Co. can handle large fleet repairs for fast turnarounds.  Repairs can be completed on sight and at your specific direction of speed, flow and priority.   Mobile technicians will come to you, making repairs less an inconvenience to your driver.   Individual units of the fleet can be repaired at most locations within 48 hours throughout the state.

Mobile Hail Repair ServicesService 3

Hail storms don't always happen in the same spot all the time,  so we have built a team that can come to your town when the need arises. By bringing the shop to areas affected by the storm, we can to repair your damaged vehicles in a quick and timely manner.  Most auto hail repairs can be completed on site in 1 to 2 days.  We will work with your insurance company to make the repairs a much easier process for you and your family.

Our Mission

Texas Hail Co. will provide quality hail repair services that:  Individuals refer to family and friends,  Insurance companies recommend to their customers,  Bodyshops select for hail support,  Fleet Managers choose for their repairs and our Employees are proud of.

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